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Whether it's crab cakes made from tinned crab crabmeat to that from Dungeness-Crabs, frozen Alaska-King-Crabs, or fresh Queensland-Mud-Crabs,

Or your freshly steamed Snow-Crabs, to freshly caught Blue-Swimmer-Crabs, Blue-Crabs, King-Crab, Spider-Crab and any other type of crabs you like to eat and enjoy. All of them create great crab cakes and making the prefect crab cake is an art form.

Are you looking for a speedy and easy cold crab salad? Or how about an imitation-crab-salad-recipe, or a outstanding crab pasta salad recipe to go with your delightful crab cake? Try these outstanding pointers out, I have and they all work out!

There are lots of advice to choose from and also experiment with the imitation crab salad of you are on a budget and imitation-crab-meat is a popular summer lunch idea. Another favourite of mine is crab stuffed mushrooms.

All of them make great crab soups cakes and making the prefect crab soup is an art form.


If you begin looking for crab soup recipes, you may surprised to see how many different versions there are. One in particular is the she crab soup. Coming from Maryland this soup is one of the best ever using crab. If you are looking to make crab soup and would like to try she crab meat, then you need to know about some ingredients that go well with crab meats.

If you choose to make She Crab Soup , then there is one ingredient that is vital in getting the perfect flavor. This ingredient is called roe or coral. Roe is the eggs in the female crab and is what gives she crab soup its distinct taste. Without this ingredient, your she crab recipe will not have the taste you are looking for.

One thing you need to know is how to pick the she crab to get the meats and eggs you will need for your Maryland crab soup recipe. If you do not know how to do this, you can find many great sets of instructions online. You should also make sure that you always discard of the lungs because they are toxic. Blue crabs are one of the best for a lot of meat.

The kind of base that you choose for your soup means a lot in the taste and in the texture. If you would prefer Crab Bisque for your crab, then you will need to add milk or cream. With most recipes that call for milk or cream to create a bisque, you will also need to add butter and black pepper. These two ingredients compliment milk and cream. There are also many Easy Crab Bisque ideas.

If you would prefer not to have a milk base, then you can find many Crab Soup Recipes that use crab meat with a variety of vegetables. You can use fish stock as a base or you could use beef or chicken stock as well. The important thing to remember while cooking these kinds of crap soups is to make sure the vegetables are done before you ad your crab or other seafood. It takes a longer for vegetables to get done. If you cook your seafood that long, it will turn mushy and disintegrate into the stock. There are many great ideas for more great Crab Soup Recipes look at these ideas.

Choosing the vegetables to use for your crab soup depends on what you like. Many people include tomatoes and okra to their crab soup. Some like to have plenty of shallots or Vidalia onions included. Celery and bell peppers are two additional vegetables that taste good in crab soup. For the kinds of recipes that include crab meat and vegetable, you should go online. You can find hundreds of recipes using crab meat with a lot of vegetables. Another favorite is Cream of Crab Soup which I really like.

Many kinds of crabs are out there for you to choose from in making Maryland crab soup recipe ideas using their meat. There are rock crabs, Blue and red crabs Dungeness crabs and snow crabs. The best of these species for the most meat is the blue crab. Some recipes for crab call for a certain species, but you can generally use any one of them as a substitute.

If you are ready to try out some crab soup recipes, then start by looking online. The great thing about the Internet is that you can find tips and hints about cooking crab that you would not get from the traditional recipe book. You can find a lot of videos showing how to stem live crabs and how to pick the meat from them.


Crab soups and crab cakes are one of my favourite meals. No matter where I find myself in the world I always take the opportunity to sample the local crab based cuisine. My name is John Payne and I have published a successful cook book for yachts called The Great Cruising Cookbook and of course in that book are some great and easy to prepare the best Maryland Crab Soup Recipe

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