The Best Cold Crab Dip Recipe


Some of my favorite crab dips include crab and artichoke dip, crab crab and avocado, baked crab dip, cajun crab dip, hot crab dip recipe, maryland crab dip and many other crab dip recipes. check out the following recipes for crab dips that use either canned or fresh crab meat, as there is something for every budget

Introducing your family to seafood can be risky. Many fish cook up into strong flavors which put young palates off. Some shoppers cannot access fresh fish easily. Meanwhile, crab dip recipes offer cooks the chance to experiment with varying crab styles and combinations with other flavors to satisfy the preferences of picky eaters.

If you think serving crab may be a risk, perhaps start with your cheapest option. Both imitation and canned crab meat can be available inexpensively. Imitation crab tastes and feels very different from the real thing. If your children like the taste of the canned meat better, progressing to real, fresh crab from a supplier of fresh seafood will then be justified. There are many great ideas for Crab Dips and you can try someother great recipes for Crab Dip

Once you choose the crab that your family enjoys best, decide on a hot or cold recipe. Cold dips make great summer meals for light eating or a pot luck supper. Use this as a luscious alternative to hot dogs and hamburgers or the regular picnic sandwiches you might have otherwise made using peanut butter and jelly or egg salad. Add your crab dip to an otherwise boring salad.

Hot crab dishes may work best with fresh crab, which needs to be cooked anyway. This also offers a warm option on a cold day. Some recipes really cook up into light meals with the addition of a soup, salad or some multi-grain crackers. There are many other really great ideas for Baked Crab Dips and you can try some other great recipes for Hot Crab Dips

For a rich and creamy crab dip, try a recipe which incorporates cream cheese and cheddar cheese. This will give you a thick consistency. Lighter dips for the heath-conscious eater may use sour cream or plain yogurt. Find a compromise between the two with quark, a dairy product something between thick yogurt and cream cheese.

Add to the basic flavors of crab and dairy with spice or herbs. Some cream cheeses and hard cheeses now available come already flavored with garlic, onions or herbs. You might even want to combine crab with other seafood, such as shrimp. Salmon flavored cream cheese may give you some ideas and could combine nicely with some lemon and dill. Top with almonds, more shredded cheese, a sprinkle of paprika, or use your imagination.

Cooked dips send their aroma throughout a house, so if you want to get your kids to the table consider one of these. This also provides the chance to create other visual effects and textures, such as melted and slightly crispy cheese on top or a gratin finish. Cold crab dip recipe which use eggs and flour come out with a bread-like quality, providing a meal in themselves.

Serve your cold crab dip recipe in a colorful dish, or even using food to present. Fill mushroom caps or peppers with the dip and cook it up. Hollow out half of a round loaf of sour dough bread and fill this with your creation. Present the dip on crackers or rounds of bread complete with vegetable faces to appeal to children. Give them something fizzy with citrus to drink with their seafood. A sugar free lemon or lime fizzy fruit drink provides balance.

The Best Cold Crab Dip Recipe