Joes Crab Shack


If you like good seafood, a great party time atmosphere, and good service at fair prices, then head it on over to Joes Crab Shack. This place is fun, any way you care to look at it. The food is plentiful, the drinks icy cold, and the decor is enough to make anyone smile. And did the seafood get mentioned? It is all here.

Joes is a less well known, for now, restaurant without the plasticity and sterility of some major venues. Each outlet has its own distinct personality without losing the festive seaside touch. It has become a great place to take the entire family, or just a few friends, out for a seafood feast, or a nice place for a cold beer after work. It is a friendly and relaxed place, perfect for most any occasion.

And talk about seafood? They have got it all! Shrimp, fish, lobster, clams, calamari, oysters, and of course crab, if it comes from the sea you can find it served here. The menu is big enough to find something for everybody at your table to be sure. It is cooked well and served quickly, so it will come hot and tasty every time.

Drinks, too, are big at Joes. The have all of the requisite sodas, teas, coffee and water. Beers are always nice, along with wines, cocktails, and mixed drinks, too. So if it is a family night or a singles night, the libations will be appropriate for the crowd. Many sites have a bar separate from the dining areas, so all can be accommodated just fine.

One truly unique aspect of these restaurants is the decorations. These places are decked out in nautical gear from front to back, and floor to ceiling. It creates an exciting a vibrant atmosphere, kind of like a party waiting to happen. There is always something to catch the eye, whether it is a shark hanging from the ceiling, or the lobster bib around the neck of your companion.

Along with the decorative themes, you can find plenty to decorate your self with, too. Tee shirts, boxer shorts, bandanas, and belts (just to name a few things) are often available in the merchandise section of the lobby. These are some seriously fun designs for all ages and tastes, and you can proudly display your great taste with a few items.

Do not forget to think about Joes when you are considering a place for your next party. And remember than any night has a good reason for a party! Birthday parties are perfect for here, and the wait staff will make it memorable for all involved. Bachelor parties, engagement parties, retirement parties, promotion parties, and business affairs can all be done with style at these spots.

When it comes to fun dining experiences, Joes Crab Shack could top the list. The atmosphere alone is worth the visit, and the food can keep you coming back for more. Whatever you are celebrating, you can celebrate with style at right here.

Joes Crab Shack