Crab Bisque Recipe




6 tablespoons butter

1 tablespoon plain flour


1 pound snow crab legs although quality lump crab meat will work just as well

1 medium carrot finely diced

1 white onion finely diced

4 cloves fresh garlic minced

1 stick celery finely diced

4 green onions chopped

2 medium ripe tomatoes diced, and deseeding is best

2 tablespoons vegetable oil I sue canola oil

3 tablespoons dry sherry

2 cups fish stock homemade or off the shelf

1 teaspoon tomato paste

1 cup half-and-half that is 1/2 cup whole milk and 1/2 cup single cream

dash cayenne pepper

Salt and black pepper


Step One To make the roux, gently melt the butter over a low heat. Stir in the flour gradually and then cook until is pale gold in color.

Step Two Split crab legs down the center and remove the crab meat. Set aside the large pieces of crab shell and set meat aside for garnish.

Step Three Sauté the carrot, onion, garlic, celery, green onion and tomatoes in oil over a low heat in a skillet until the vegetables are tender.

Step Four Stir in the dry sherry and season to taste with salt and fresh ground black pepper.

Step Five To deglaze the skillet, cook the liquid down over a high heat.

Step Six Add in the fish stock and crab shells and bring back to a gentle boil. Reduce this to gentle simmer, then cover and cook for one hour.

Step Seven Strain the soup and discard the crab shells and vegetables.

Step Eight Thicken the soup with the roux and then simmer over low heat for 20 minutes.

Step Nine Add in the tomato paste, the half-and-half, cayenne peer and season with the salt and black pepper to taste.

Step Ten Simmer for a further five minutes then strain and serve. Garnish with some crabmeat and parsley. This crab bisque serves 4.

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Crab Bisque Recipe