The Best Snow Crabs Northwest Style


So what is Northwest Style? Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is has to be up Seattle way in beautiful Washington State and also Oregon, where they get great seafood and also great crabs to eat.

Snow crabs are every bit as tasty as King crabs and they make some great meals.

Crabs are one of my favourite meals. No matter where I find myself in the world I always take the opportunity to sample the local crab cakes, and I have enjoyed so many styles from the Philippines to Brazil.

There are three species of snow crab that are caught in the cold waters of North America and they are all part of the spider crab family.

The Bairdii are the largest of these snow crabs and weigh on average around 5 pounds, and they are harvested in the Pacific.

The Tanners are a little larger have longer and thinner legs, and they are found in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Opilios are much smaller and weigh in at around one pound and are the only species caught in the Atlantic and the Pacific.

The snow crab is smaller and is more brown in color than the king crab. The peak season for opilio snow crab is from January to March. The Bairdi snow crab season is November.

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The Best Snow Crabs Northwest Style