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Everyone has a great recipe and nearly as many people are looking for new recipes. Also nearly everyone has mom’s favorite recipe, the best dessert recipes, and many other recipes and kitchen tips

This site is all about great crab cake recipes and everything other recipe to do with cooking and great food plus everything that goes with a great meal from wine to desserts


My name is John Payne and I have published a successful cook book for yachts called The Great Cruising Cookbook and of course in that book are some great and easy to prepare recipes.

Raspberry depot EVERYTHING RASPERRY! If you are interested in Growing Raspberries, Raspberry Recipes, Raspberry Nutrition...or ANYTHING RASPBERRY! come and take a look! I have grown raspberries for many years, and have a massive recipe collection to share!

My Cheesecake Recipes
This site includes delicious cheesecake recipes such as triple chocolate, low fat blackberry, apricot swirl, chocolate honeycomb, chocolate raspberry, white raspberry swirl and many other fantastic recipes. Indulge yourself and try one of these recipes today.

Savor The Rhubarb
A guide to harvesting a healthy rhubarb garden. Decide which variety of rhubarb is best to plant. Learn to do a craft with your rhubarb leaves. Learn how to prepare and serve great rhubarb dishes as well.

Home Made Chocolate Treats Recipes for chocolate cakes, desserts, puddings, sweets and easy recipes for kids.

Click on this link to find out more about eating crabs. Eating and Cooking Crabs and all you need to know

Best Dessert-Resources