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Welcome to the best website information on the best crab recipes, with all you need to know about preparing and cooking your favourite crab recipes.

There are so many questions to answer on crab recipes and this website will try and answer them all, these are just some of the crab recipes to look at!

My name is John Payne and I have published a successful cook book for yachts called The Great Cruising Cookbook and of course in that book are some great and easy to prepare crab recipes.

Whether it’s crab cakes made from canned crab meat to that from Dungeness-Crabs and frozen Alaska-King-Crabs to freshly steamed Snow-Crabs.

You can also choose Blue Crabs, Alaskan King Crab and Spider Crabs and any other type of crabs you love to eat and enjoy. crab cakes are always a winner whatever the occasion, as quick snack, appetizer or main course

It seems everyone has a favorite recipe, whether its traditional Maryland style or southern style, and then there are Thai crab cakes and there is virtually a crab recipe for any part of the world that there are crabs.

All of them make great cakes and making the prefect cake is an art form. WHAT INGREDIENTS DO YOU NEED FOR THIS CAROLINA CAKE RECIPE

Jumbo Lump Crab Meat 1lb (500 gms) of the best quality lump crab meat, you can also try canned crab meat however fresh is always best

White Sandwich Bread 2 slices of firm white bread, cut off the crusts

Milk 2 tablespoons fresh milk

Mayonnaise 2 tablespoons mayonnaise (Hellmans)

Fresh Eggs 2 medium sized eggs, beaten.

Vegetable Oil 3 tablespoons (I prefer Sunflower or Canola Oil)

Old Bay Seasoning 2 teaspoons

Tabasco Sauce ½ tablespoon, my wife loves this ingredient, an alternative is some chili flakes.

Mustard 1 teaspoon and I prefer using Dijon or wholegrain, or something with a little more bite but careful not to mask the taste of the crab meat

Baking Powder 2 teaspoons

Parsley 2 teaspoons, fresh is best although dried is okay

Ground Black Pepper Freshly ground pepper to taste

Sea Salt A pinch to taste


STEP ONE Slice or break the bread into small pieces about ¼ to ½ inch size. Add the milk to the breadcrumbs and stir so that the bread becomes moist

STEP TWO Add in the mayonnaise, the beaten eggs, mustard and Tabasco sauce and gently stir so all ingredients are well combined

STEP THREE Sprinkle the baking powder, Old Bay Seasoning and the fresh parsley, black pepper and a pinch of rock salt and mix well.

STEP FOUR Add in the jumbo crab meat. Be very careful when mixing in the crab meat so that it doesn’t break up too much as you want those chunks to stay together. When the mixing is complete, place the bowl in the frig for 30-40 minutes to chill.

STEP FIVE Pour in vegetable oil about ¼ inch deep into a non stick skillet and heat over a moderate heat.

STEP SIX Gently scoop out the chilled crab mixture using a large spoon or an ice cream scoop depending on how large or small you want them to be. Place the mixture into the hot oil and gently press down to flatten them once the mixture is in the oil.

STEP SEVEN Gently sauté the crab cakes on one side until golden brown, and this will take around 3 to 5 minutes. Very gently turn the crab cakes over and brown the other side. Do not be tempted to continually turn them over, as the more handling you do the more chance you will break them up.

STEP EIGHT Drain on paper towel to soak up any cooking oil and serve with your favorite sauce and garnish.

All About Crab Cakes